Printing Hialeah: Cheap Flyers & Business Cards

Printing Hialeah

Printing Hialeah

Cheap Flyer Printer in Hialeah

The most economical way to use promotional flyers is to:

  • First, target your audience who are interested in your product or service.
  • Second, work with who pass on their broker prices.
  • Third, print only as many as you may need, so refer to your target audience investigation.

By investing your time and money into just promoting to people who are interested in your niche rather than giving out your flyers to everyone you see on the street you will increase your R.O.I. by 90%.

Here at Tight Designs we work with the best printing companies in Hialeah, Florida. By sending them many jobs they give us broker prices (cheaper rates) and we pass on the savings to our clients from Hialeah in need of printing.

Below are our current printing rates for Hialeah businesses.

Business Cards in Hialeah

5,000 business cards, glossy UV coated card stock, front & back printed = $75

Promotional Flyers in Hialeah

5,000 promotional flyers, glossy UV coated card stock, front & back printed = $125

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