5 Tips to Improve Your Business Card

An effective business card can help your networking efforts to new business relationships. In this post you will learn 5 tips to maximize the use of your next business cards by leveraging options and tools all while returning a higher Return Of Investment (ROI).

Customized Business Cards

UV Coated or Matte
UV Coating gives the paper a glossy shine. Matte, is the plain paper with no shine. Most people choose the UV instead of the Matte, but if you would like to write on your business cards with a pen, pencil or marker you should select Matte. The UV Coating doesn’t allow the writing utensil to make direct contact with the paper to leave the mark of the ink or led.

Turn-Around Time
Many of our customers want their business cards “today”. We are able to do Same-Day printing on business cards, but this has an earlier cut-off time, which means that the order must be place in the early morning and it can cost up to double the price. Next-Day or 24 hour printing is another option that would cost double the price of regular printing. Our regular printing turnaround time is 2-4 business days. This will give you the best price available, so plan ahead with time and save.

Quantity & Amount
If every card you gave out led to a sale then you would only need the bare minimum. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Opting for a larger quantity will not only allow you to market yourself without a restriction on limit, but you will save lots of money.

The difference between 25 and 100 business cards is only $4. The minimum will cost $9, when 4 times the amount is only $13. As you can see, the bare minimum might be cheaper, but it’s far from the best value. You will be able to reach 4 times more people with only $4 by opting for a greater amount.

Make It Pop vs Clutter
The most common mistake we see customers make is wanting to mahing bigger, because they want it to “standout”. When designing, there are many ways to make something be noticed without making it bigger. Using colors, shapes and backgrounds can make your info standout without cluttering the layout. Remember that unlike a glimpse at a billboard from drivers passing bye; your business card will be in your prospect/client’s hands where they have the time to look at it in its entirety.

Also, minimizing the amount of the information is paramount. Your business card is only to show a short general information of what you can provide and how to get in contact with you. For a more detailed print use brochures, sell-sheets or flyers.

QR Code
Ever seen those scan codes? Sure you have. They’re on posters, magazines, packaging, everywhere. These scan codes called QR for Quick Response allow mobile users (practically everyone in the world) to access additional information such as videos, audios or any other info you would like to direct your prospect to; by simply using the camera lens of any mobile device to scan the code.

This is a great way of adding a ton of more information to your business card without cluttering up the design.

Bonus Tip
Adding commonly used information such as calendars and tipping calculators or relevant tools of your industry such as relevant instructions or conversion charts to your business cards will assure that it stays longer in your prospect’s possession near by.

A business card is a prospect’s souvenir of you. Not only is it a keepsake of your meeting, but a call-to-action into your sales funnel. Plan ahead, don’t rush and keep it simple. A nice logo, a short general description of your offer, and contact information is all you need to get a call. Then, you follow up with more information to close the sale.

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