3D Printing is Here

The form of prints everyone is use to is the typical 2D prints, but have you ever heard of 3D printing? This new style of printing is a form of an additive manufactured technology where a three dimensional object, such as a wrench, is created by placing successive layers of powder and ink that solidifies. 3D printers are way faster, way more affordable and way easier to operate than any other additive manufacturing technologies. 3D printers can offer developers of products the capability to print assemblies and parts made from various materials with several physical and mechanical properties in one building process. With advanced 3D printing technologies, manufactures could create models that would be used as a product prototype.

Setting Your Domain with our Tight Designs Server

To set up your domain name on our server you must edit your name-server at your registry.

For GoDaddy registered domains go to this link to read instructions:

Click on:
Setting Nameservers for a Domain Name Registered with Us
read instructions.. your choice will be:
I have specific nameservers for my domains

In the spaces provided put the following info:

Marketing Graphics Toolkit for Custom Promotional Designs

marketing graphics toolkitmarketing graphics toolkit

marketing graphics toolkit

Best $10 bucks you will ever spend! We’re not joking… this is $10 bucks no catch! These are actually the files we use to design custom artwork for our clients. The package is called “Marketing Graphics Toolkit” and even if you are a newbie or never have opened up a designing program in your life, this toolkit will have you making professional quality custom artwork for your products or services in a matter of minutes.

marketing graphics toolkit

21 modules with quality content. Some features include:

eBook Design
Make an eBook design in seconds with the Action Script located in the Module 4: 3D eCover Action Scripts.

Web Display Templates
Easily create Mac style graphics by simply copying & pasting.

Call To Action Buttons
In seconds get animated Add To Cart and other call to action buttons customized with your own text.

Hand Written Fonts & Drawings
Add a bit of contrast to your presentation to call attention to key points by switching up the style to hand written words and hand drawn arrows.

promotional graphic designs
The Marketing Toolkit also includes:
– Mini Site Templates
– Premium Header Images
– 3D Covers Action Scripts
– 3D Web Display Templates
– Power Point Backgrounds
– Guarantee Signs
– Price Badges
– Signs and Tables
– Photo Frame
– Plus Much More

marketing graphics toolkit

These are professional up-to-date graphics! You can look at all the artwork here and you can have all these PROFESSIONAL QUALITY graphics for a one time payment of only $10.

This Marketing Graphics Toolkit is what allows us to have quick turn-arounds and save time, cutting cost, because everyone knows that time is money.

We can’t stress enough how easy it is, but to make it even easier, there are videos to show you how to do it! It really cannot get any simpler than this.

Every single image you see in this post was customized from the very product we’re recommending you. So go grab it now!

Marketing Designs

promotional graphics

Marketing Graphic Designs

ebook designsebook design

Tips to effectively use printed advertisements to increase R.O.I.

Today’s new marketer knows how essential the Internet can be as a promotional avenue to raise leads and convert into consumers. They will comment about the needs of Search Engine Optimization and how info spreads via Social Media. In concept, I do concur that Online marketing is very useful, but I strongly believe that some “old school” forms of advertising is still an extremely powerful way to generate new leads. Ad placements with follow-up printed information can create a great a lasting impression you score on a prospect. The effect of printed advertisements all rely on where they are stationed. How you use them will influence the result.

A common misconception is that the more people you advertise to the more customers will be converted. Yes and No. You might get more customers, but the percentage would be extremely lower than if you targeted people interested in your product or service. You would waste more time and money to re-print and pass them out. A simple example: You wouldn’t give a flyer advertising denture cleaners to a teenager, right? Even-though you might have a couple exceptions where that teenager might buy the product for their grandparents, the chances are slim and you have wasted material and time. This is why it’s imperative to focus on the prospects who are genuinely interested in your product or service. If you do that, you will see a much great return on investment. Continue reading “Tips to effectively use printed advertisements to increase R.O.I.”