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Hello! The name is Tight Designs

We refuse to be another NPC in the game. We've broken free of the mundane and we can show you how.

"Necessity is the mother of invention."

“Tight Designs” was formed in 2003 by Rolando Fonticoba, as a graphic design solution for Miami Hip Hop artists who were on a ‘tight’ budget, but needed mixtape covers, event flyers, and web ‘designs’.

Fast forward two decades since its inception, Tight Designs has evolved from its humble beginnings of a design studio to a multi-service organization, empowering individual entrepreneurs, local small businesses and Fortune 500 Companies in Miami to strategically compete in their individual markets.

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Our goal is to help you reach your goal

None of our products, services or locations matter unless they line up with your objective.

the process

  • Research

    In order to think outside the box, we have to know how the box looks like. Therefore we try to learn as much of the project and brand. We get into the history, the reason for existing, anything that we can learn.

  • Image Buckets

    We create a compendium of ideas based on history, patterns, and textiles, to understand the origins of our project. No detail is too small.

  • Stylescapes

    We examine unrelated projects to shape the direction of our own. We explore options such as modern, retro, minimalist, abstract, etc. We curate images and narrow our focus as we progress.

  • Sketch Ideation

    After discussing stylescapes with the client, we begin sketching potential designs for the project. The idea starts taking form.

what are you looking for?


For new businesses, solopreneurs, and DIYers with ‘tight’ budgets, we offer products that maximize the impact of modest marketing investments. Enter Online Print Shop


For established entities seeking a strategic partnership and a hands-off approach, please contact us. Please note that our minimum level engagement is $2,000 per month.

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