3 Replies to “Realtor Nicole | Promotional Flyer”

  1. omg I have been trying to do the exact thing for years!!!! And you made it happen!!!
    Can we attach the for sale sign stampped too. Not sure if I emailed you, I can sen another.. Any chance her eyes and ears be a bit more real looking? Cant you put the word “NET” IN RED, OR A COLOR THAT STANDS OUT? Part where it says “Bussiness opportunities- take out the “and” and leave only the “and” before the “much more”
    aND MAYBE IF YOU MOVE THE DOG MORE TO THE left it wont show the cut out part? And I would need the Realtor logo please. I am sooo impressed!!!!!

  2. This one is perfect!!!!! Not touching this one anymore!
    Just waiting on approval from Epworth..Thank you! ALSO Thank you for the “Ñ” teaching. Can you please email me your address. So I may go tommorrow and pay you.

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