dōTERRA Business Cards


What can doTERRA Business Cards do for you?

  • Help you sell more
  • Permit you to give samples when used as Scent Cards
  • Legitimize you as a professional
  • Get more customers!

How do these cards help with my Essential Oil business?

  • Chart displays function of each oil pairing to common ailments
  • Ask prospect for their ailment from chart
  • Place oil pairing recipe for ailment and give to customer to take as sample
  • Prospect witnesses actual benefit from oil on Sample Card which has your contact info
  • Prospect is converted to a believer / loyal customer

How to order doTERRA business cards

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    These beautiful Business Cards come with a Premium UV Gloss for brilliant shine. The Gloss Finish does not allow the Card-Stock to absorb the oil. If you would like to use the Business Card as a Scent Card effectively the card can be Glossy on the Front and Matte on the Back.

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doTERRA Sample Cards contain the following features:

  • Modern vertical design
  • Ultra-Thick 16PT Card-Stock
  • Printed on both sides (front & back) full color
  • Premium UV Gloss that produces a brilliant shiny finish

With these business cards a doTERRA Wellness Advocate can:

  • Generate more Call-backs from new leads
  • Promote their individual brand
  • Look professional at Networking Events
  • Convert everyday meetups into customers

These visiting cards display your unique Wellness Advocate web address to the doTERRA platform. This is the best way for customers to purchase new products and business prospects can be referred to sign up to be an Wellness Advocate for the doTERRA business where you can earn commissions.

Have something else in mine? Contact us for a custom design.