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    Selecting an image that resonates with your ideal customer can help build rapport. A photograph of yourself helps establish a memorable connection and enhances your professional image.

    • Fitness power couple lifting weights in the gym.
    • Retired couple running on the shoreline of the beach.
    • Young couple exercising at home.
    • Including a photograph of yourself on your business card adds a personal touch, helps establish a memorable connection, and enhances the professional image you convey to potential clients and contacts.

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    • 100 Business Cards | For friends & family
    • 500 Business Cards | For friends of friends & co-workers
    • 1,000 Business Cards | Events & sign-ups




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Picture this: Your personalized business card showcasing your genuine smile and friendly face. It’s a powerful tool that instantly connects you with potential customers, building trust and rapport. This genuine connection leads to increased sales. But, if you prefer a different approach, our range of pre-designed styles can capture the essence of your ideal customer, leaving a lasting impression.

Business card showing profile photo of LiveGood consultant.
Front of the LiveGood business card.

Captivate and Convert: LiveGood Business Cards That Seal the Deal!

Unlock the power of the licensed LiveGood logo to enhance your brand recognition and exude professionalism. Elevate your business card game with captivating designs that incorporate essential calls to action, effortlessly boosting customer engagement. Choose from 3 stunning photo options tailored to attract your ideal customers.
Back side of business card displaying the LiveGood product line.

Create a powerhouse team with a compelling and irresistible message that captivates and converts.

Captivate your ideal prospect and ignite curiosity about the LiveGood business with an irresistible pitch. Unveil the captivating LiveGood product line through this stunning design, while the QR Code effortlessly invites potential prospects to explore your web address with a simple scan from their smartphone.
Hand holding both sides of the LiveGood business card.