Lyft Business Cards


Successful Lyft Drivers use Referral Cards to get the following benefits:

  • Professional look
  • Increase good ratings
  • Sell your other services
  • Repeat business
  • Build trust
  • Be memorable

These Lyft Business Cards are printed on thick 16PT card-stock with Premium UV Gloss for brilliant shine with the Lyft Driver Credit Code prominently displayed on the card in high-contrast.

  • Display your Lyft referral code and get credit
  • Give passengers your cards to give to their friends
  • Diversify your Lyft income by creating another stream of revenue with passenger referrals, for less wear on your car and more cash in your pocket!

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Enter your Unique Lyft referral code to be displayed on the business card. With this Code we will be able to determine the Discount Amount to be displayed on the card.

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The Lyft business cards that we will print with your unique referral link have been optimized with the feedback by ridesharing drivers like yourself that wanted a better conversion of sign-ups with the standard brand colors and easy instructions on the back to help guide the prospect to sign up in 3 easy steps with your promo code paying attention to Lyft guideline.

Want a new Lyft code for your business card?
    • Go to the Referrals Portal to create a custom Lyft code.
    • Create 2 unique codes that are short and easy to remember. (Using your city name or zip code have been found to work best.)
    • Promote your code with these slick looking cards. Lyft provides you with more opportunities to create more codes as your codes get redeemed by new passengers.

Though the codes don’t expire, the free ride credit will! Typically all Lyft credits must be redeemed within 14 days from the day that the code gets entered into the Lyft app (verify this information with your region)

  • Use any of your codes to sign up new passengers and register new drivers.
  • You are not allowed to delete any code that you have created.
  • Be sure to register as an Ambassador with Lyft for opportunities to participate in monthly events!
Advice when using your Lyft cards


PRO-TIP #1: More than 1 person entering for a ride? As who doesn’t have the app yet. Use the person who uses the app as an ally to express how great the service is and give them your referral card. This trick will surely get your code entered every time.

PRO-TIP #2: Aren’t receiving many request to drive on a particular night? Go to a busy part of town, like a Downtown or known landmark, park your ride, take your smartphone while you take a stroll passing out your Lyft card out to anyone you see. Get back to work once you get a ride request.

NEVER share on websites that will consider it SPAMMING or use Pay Per Click campaigns or other Paid Ads on social media.
ALWAYS – post on your IG, Twitter and Facebook page.
ALWAYS – look up local events that aren’t sponsored by Lyft to hand out cards.
ALWAYS – carry referral cards at all times in case you come across someone that would need it.
ALWAYS – check what major events are happening locally. Get there before the event to hand out cards, but do not trespass. Also, look for event-goers exiting the event looking for taxis.
ALWAYS – respect look out for No Soliciting signs. Even if handing out cards is less obtrusive than traditional door-to door sales, many cities consider the distributors of cards with the same laws that apply to “door knockers”.