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A blog is a frequently updated website that is typically ran an individual or a small group. It is a place to express yourself or your business to the world. By its regular postings and content-rich manner, Blogs are great tools for SEO.

A Tight Designs Blog includes:

  • Domain Name, registration
  • Web Hosting with unlimited storage for all your posts and pictures
  • Backend Editor to easily create blog posts as Microsoft Word
  • SEO Tools for getting found online
  • Sharing Tools for spreading the word on Social Media
  • Member Registration for building a community you can reach


Blogging has progressed significantly since its first appearance in the late 1990’s. Blogging was at first utilized as a stage to share an individual’s opinions, feelings or experiences – an online journal with very little audience. Today, it has developed into a platform utilized by millions, everyone from everyday people to billion dollar organizations. The straightforwardness of a blog makes it simple for anybody to develop a blog and turn into a self-declared “master.” But how is it essential in the business world?

A business blog can:

  • Enhance Your Website’s SEO
  • Increase viewership of Your Website
  • Enforce Your Brand as an Expert in its niche
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