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Rules for Using LiveGood Trademarks

LiveGood’s trademark policy is designed to protect the company’s brand while enabling independent distributors to promote their businesses effectively. The company is open to allowing its customers, members, or affiliates to use its trademarks under certain conditions.

  • You are permitted to use LiveGood’s trademarks, but you must obtain a license to do so. A licensing agreement can be secured by contacting LiveGood’s customer support via email. This agreement will detail the limitations and conditions associated with using the trademarks.

Creating Compliant LiveGood Business Cards

In line with the licensing agreement, you should create your business cards with careful attention to the use of LiveGood’s trademarks. You should:

  • Ensure that the use of LiveGood’s trademarks on your business cards does not lead to confusion or misinterpretation about the source of the products or services advertised.
  • Refrain from using variations of LiveGood’s trademarks that the company may find confusingly similar to its official marks.

Working with TightDesigns

While TightDesigns aids in the creation of affordable business cards for independent distributors of LiveGood, we are not officially affiliated with the company. Therefore, any issues that arise from the purchase of LiveGood business cards via TightDesigns.com should be communicated directly with us.

By adhering to these rules, you can create business cards that promote your LiveGood products effectively and compliantly. At TightDesigns, we’re committed to helping you craft business cards that stand out while respecting the necessary regulations.

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