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LiveGood has a code of conduct to ensure our company operates ethically and efficiently. All our customers, members, or affiliates need to follow this code which forms part of our agreement with them.

Permissible ways to advertise LiveGood

For advertising, here’s what you can do:

  1. Newspaper Ads: You can place a simple business opportunity ad in a local newspaper’s classified section. Just make sure it follows all laws and regulations.
  2. Phone Directory: You’re allowed to list your name in the white or yellow pages as a “LiveGood Independent Customer, Member, or Affiliate.” But, you can’t have a display ad in the phone book.
  3. Email Ads: All email, phone, or fax ads must follow the anti-spamming laws of the recipient’s location. It’s your job to know these laws.
  4. TV and Radio Ads: If you want to advertise on TV or radio, you need to get written permission from us first. Please send your requests through customer support.
  5. Celebrity Endorsements: You can use a celebrity endorsement if you get written approval from us and the celebrity. You need to get this approval each time you want to use the celebrity’s name.
  6. Events: You can sell or promote products at events like fairs or trade shows, but you can’t sell them for less than the price listed on our website.
  7. Online Auction Sites: You can sell products on auction websites (like eBay), but you can’t sell them for less than the price listed on our website. Also, you can’t have someone else sell the product on these sites for you, especially if you know they’re going to sell it for less than our listed price. This rule still applies even if your contract with us ends.

Am I able to use business cards to advertise LiveGood?

Based on the advertising methods listed, business cards do not explicitly fall under any of these categories.

However, you could loosely interpret business cards as a part of the “Methods of Advertising” since they serve as a physical form of marketing and are used to promote the distributor’s business, in this case, LiveGood. They carry contact information and often serve as an introduction to the brand, which is akin to an advertisement.

It’s important to ensure that any information included on the business card, such as contact information or a tagline, is in line with LiveGood’s code of conduct and advertising guidelines.

But for a definitive answer, you’d have to consult LiveGood’s specific policy or contract terms about business cards or promotional materials, as some companies may have explicit guidelines about them.

Issues with business cards

Lastly, it’s crucial to remember that while we provide LiveGood business cards for independent distributors, TightDesigns is not officially associated with LiveGood. Consequently, if you experience any issues with your LiveGood business cards purchased through our website, please address them directly with us at TightDesigns, rather than with LiveGood.

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